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How can you possibly squeeze in time to exercise and eat three healthy meals with all of your other responsibilities? That long bike ride you keep thinking about is just not happening…and most of your food is still coming out of a paper sack. Once again, healthy choices are taking a backseat to a hectic schedule.

That story can change when you Upgrade. You don't need a personal trainer or a complete diet makeover to stay on course – you just need some easy revisions to the everyday. Think of it as a minor tweak to your routine that will work toward a better you. Like parking the car further from the door or passing up one guilty pleasure like potato chips in favor of eating an orange. Suddenly the big changes you skipped yesterday are little choices that become part of your routine today. Get the idea? Now get the Upgrades.

Upgrade is an initiative of the Welborn Baptist Foundation.

Upgrade. You, only Better.

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